Chinadoll Chinatown

by Wayfarer State

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This album was written and recorded at the GaoQing Hotel in the Shandong Province of China. (4 hours south of Bejing by bus)


released February 2, 2013

special thanks to Stu, Conor, Hailey and Elan.

and ofcourse Karla Louise



all rights reserved
Track Name: Daniel Day Lewis
I’m calling out to you baby from the lonesome hotel, with bull horns brass trumpets and monastery bells
I’m calling out to you baby from across the world, from the valley of smoke, the land elegant Indian girls
The spirit calls out to me when I sleep, you should see the scares on the company that I keep
America America, my distant dream, my exodus from God and country and queen
The known killer , the outlawed thief, the casino reservation pit boss great grandson of the chief
Glazed over drunken sedated eyes, you look like the lion , caged up waiting to die

Come Find me darling, i left a note on your door, I’m busking outside the vinyl record store
The sound of thunder, the bitches brew , the drunken Irishmen in the Chinese hostel , they call Stu
In the last real bar at the end of this world ,there’s a bamboo tattooed topless girl
Who gambles and drinks and smokes all night, who’s destined to be come your beloved wife
Of all the scary things that come out at night, she frightens me most under the glow of flashing neon lights

They video tape my life and record the sound, sequester the jury and bribe the witness with sterling pounds
Ive sold the clothes on my back for a ticket home, my mother waits impatiently by the telephone
Im down to the last drag of my last cigarette, I put everything I own on Ten six black
The chairman Mao in his mausoleum , monster genius I couldn’t wake up early enough to see him
History is written by churches and kings, dictators scribes and by the songs that we sing

A man can wait, until he cant wait anymore, but this my friend is what you’ve been waiting for
In the name of the father, in the name of the son , in name of Daniel Day Lewis , find me a gun
The crescendo, the sunrise, the broken heart, the sweet revenge outside the dive bar
Track Name: The Wild Country
I lost your love when I moved across the sea
I live in the wild country
Where the stars still shine in the darkest night
For the first time I am alive
I carved your name in a redwood tree
Out here in the wild country

I built this fire, I howl at the moon
If your gonna come along, you better come soon
If you stay here, nothings gonna change
I already gave boatman your name
You don’t need much, come as you are
I’ll save you a seat at the bar

I am an orphan, a spy , a refugee
My heart belongs to the wild country
The jute box here plays all your favorite tunes
And the newspapers only print the truth
I’ll take you dancing out in the streets
There's a place for you here to rest your feet

Everyone should come along
If its trouble you want then you cant go wrong
Yes I'm holding on to 29
But just wait until you try the wine
In the Wild Country
Track Name: Mulberry Lane
Send down the thunder momma send down the rain
Send me a woman from mulberry lane
With curls of red and carousel skin
Smoke that rolls off her tongue like tonic and gin
Wheel the barrel of a gun, feel the steel in your hands
Feel the weight of my love, ain’t it grand

I know it’s lonely in the north, its only gonna get worse
It burns like whiskey, it’s an empty church
I’ve been on the tracks and there’s blood on the beach
Winona won’t have anything to do with me
We sing and we wale till our last breath
It’s been 7 years since I had a good nights rest

You got paintings baby, wall to wall
The still life suicide last phone call
Well it rains honey wherever you go
If you bring the thunder, well ill bring the show
I’m almost convinced, I’m feeling relieved
It’s a dark ocean, this is madness on the sea
Track Name: The GaoQing Hotel
I stayed in the Goaqing hotel, they got wedding here but they don’t have wedding bells
I stayed in the Goaqing hotel, this cough is gonna get worse before I get well
She left me in the room, her picture on the wall , But I’ve been thinking of you, I might need to give you a call
Out here in the GaoQing Hotel, its startin to feel like a prison cell

I been stay’n here for months,
Black sedans parked out front
The maid with black silk hair is making my bed
She don’t speak English, well at least that’s what she says

we’re drinking brandy till the sun comes up
the whores behind the hotel can pour you cup
for 300 Yuan, she’ll take off her dress
she might do more, but she wont do less

you must love me, I can see it in your face
the Irish have taken over the 3rd floor of this place
the Canadian lady keeps a bag full of cash
its only a dollar for a pack of cigarettes but you better smoke it fast
Track Name: The Last Man Standing
if I am the last man standing , the last man to go
if I am The last on out of this plane, the last man to get stoned
I will race down the city streets and shout out my wedding vows
I’ll turn up the music and I’ll burn one down

I followed her to the north of England but I could not pay the rent
I held her in my arms one time, she came and she went
She is the fire of my heart, the freedom of my soul
She might be gone but she comes with me everywhere that I go

How do you raise a family when there is war in the streets
The price of a mans freedom is hanging in the trees
Nothing of worth will ever come from a bomb or the barrel of a gun
A man can not be free unless he becomes a slave to the ones he does not love

The hate inside your heart , will eat away your soul
You would burn down the trees to satisfy your thirst for gold
You suffer my friend because you cannot have the things that you want
A richest man on earth has nothing, if he does not have love

When they bury me back into the earth , when I time has come
When I meet my maker out on the sea beneath the golden setting sun
I will face the music, Naked as the day I was born
And I will come back down here and play you one more song
Track Name: Tibetian Bullfights
I cant go home now, its midnight
They want my blood just like a bull fight
You sit here with me, so lady like
Cut my skin with a pocket knife
Your killer wit, your killer smile
There is not a soul, for a thousand miles
Stay with me , if just for a while
For these wretched crimes, we’re standing trial
The Buddhist monks, in their red robes
Exiled here, to Indian roads
They’re burning themselves, they wanna go home
I miss my love and I am alone
We can be richer now, of spiritual wealth
The richest man is at peace with God and himself
I stood at the gates , I was turned away
Ill be waiting right here, for you, either way
I cant go home now, its midnight
They want my blood just like a bull fight
Track Name: Rooftops
I live inside the piano, my once father dined with the king
And I dream of a perfect ending, the rooftops off Barcelona in the spring
I wrote you 1000 letters, but I don’t know where it is that you stay
I’m building sets and fitting costumes , I’m tirelessly trying to write you this play
It’s a tragedy, it will break your heart, I couldn’t bring myself to change the end
You can carve the finest ship from the strongest trees, but you still need the wind
It’s fucked up man, it shakes your soul , it’s these damn cigarettes and I can’t keep from getting old

I kept our secret, , I never would have told, I’ll wait for you where the ocean meets the sunset gold
And the moon, the silver, the howling, flashing lights, The bottles and the boardwalks, the roar of the bikes
I may not break out, I may not break loose, but I broke down when I heard the news
And storm came so suddenly, and yes I am lost, completely
If I dig deeper, through past core, I’m hoping I might come up right outside your door
It’s a long way to hell and back, what’s the difference a broken heart or a heart attack
It’s fucked up man, it shakes your soul , it’s these damn cigarettes and I can’t keep from getting old

I could give up this life of the troubadour, give up my post, lay down my sword
Take apart all these monuments I have built, inside the city walls, one stone at a time, a top the hill
But I’m afraid of what evils may come, along the watchtower someone has to carry the gun
It’s a long night, the dark clouds come rolling in, the perfume on her wrist, the hurricane winds
I’ve never felt despair worse than this, the words that come from haunted lips
What goes around comes around, the barrel of the gun and the clicking sound
its fucked up man, it shakes your soul ,its these damn cigarettes and I can’t keep from getting old
Track Name: When Night Falls
Watch me honey stretch and bend, I’m holding out right here until the bloody end
When it falls and when it breaks, when the thunder comes and when the ground shakes
When I walk away, when I won’t look back, when I lose it all at the racetrack
To save my pride, to hide away, my passport this suitcase and the railway
I’m heading south, to somewhere new, only the bartender understands my blues
this massacre, a criminal fate, It was so much longer than I should have had to wait
The vengeful sinister, backroom pact, the gripping clinching heart attack
I wish you would have walked away, a week ago last Thursday

Your wicked plans, the slow demise, here before my very eyes
I’ll stand right here open wide, to the cold, to the wind, the thieving bride
Audacity suits you well, the prideful wear such things in hell
I have no concern with where you go, I don’t wish you the best, I just wish you’d go
I wash my hands, of blood and sweat, I’ve lost a 1000 sunsets
I learned some things, after the storm cleared, its much worse than we ever feared
But I’m sharper now, the wisest man who ever walked across this cursed land

It follows suit, it falls apart, the unraveled strings, the callused heart
The broken bells, the broken glass, I’m laying here on my back
When night falls, and it will, its kill or be killed
It taste like smoke from the cigarette, its colder now inside my bed
Its moves through the blood stream, the wooden lunette of the guillotine
Of course it burns, of course it stings, the wretched ripping tearing of wings
The stories end, we are set ablaze, drink it down to remember better days