Strange Travels, Cathedrals & Gypsies (an ongoing collection of original songs)

by Wayfarer State

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an ongoing collection of original songs


releases July 7, 2020

music & words by Trey Yip



all rights reserved
Track Name: Automatic Music Machine
inspired by the short story "the Appraiser" , written by Derick Dirmaier
Track Name: Black Magic Movin On
Black Magic Movin On

I don’t sleep well at night, I toss and I turn
My hands tremble from the black magic I have learned
I left her for dead on the road to India
The crowd were violent it was mass hysteria

If you overthrew a king, if sold your soul
Come with me, through the night past the mountain of gold
The streets are paved, the sky is cracked, the moon is alive
If we make through night, cross the range, theres redemption on the other side

Shes a bird, she witch, shes a howling wandering soul
Shes perfect , from head to toe
If she made it out, impossible, then shes coming for me
I’ll Hide here in forest beneath the cover of the trees
The trees know the truth, they’ve been here for thousands of years
If she sang out to you in the night, the wiser man would cut off his ears
She moves with mist, her breath is sweet as the vine
For one brief moment she was completely mine
And I was her’s and we were a storm
The thunder shook the ground and the sky was torn

A man from the west who came from the city in the north
With his pen and his book and the promise of his word
Wrote down the story, with elegant poetry and pros
Each line better then the line before
He left the country empty , broken and alone
He died in the dry desert searching for his home

And the painter from Rome with a renaissance brush
With His religion, his virgin his red velvet church
He painted for months and months and months and pulled out his hair
He put all of himself in the painting, and he’s still there
The painting hangs on the wall of a tavern not a hundred miles from here
Staring down on lonesome drunks who drown their sorrow in whiskey and beer
Tell us the story paint us the picture and listen closely to the songs
If youre not at home , then I think its best that you’re moving on
Track Name: The City of For Granted Sacred Things
I don’t want nothing from anyone
I’m just waiting for my time to come
Im far off, further, lost and away
Im gonna lose my mind one of these days

Its new York city momma or its bust
Don’t worry darling theres always a place for people like us
Theres a place for me inside of a stain glass church
the still morning light , the red wine , the blue bird

a place in the back corner, where we belong
with the drunks, the gamblers and the vagabonds
all these traveling songs and the train songs too
wait for me darling and I will wait for you

you know I missed the train and im going blind
Measure the cost of the ticket, by the ones you left behind
And follow the signs, look everywhere for the light
Hold the hallowed ground for one more night

She was the one, was born with wings
Sold for pennies in the city of forgranted sacred things
She’ll be with me til the day I die
If theres one thing ive learned, it gonna be a long ride

The voices sounds sweeter the further away that I go
Theres always a seat for you here at the show
Tell me a story darling, you know ive got a few
I’ll be here waiting for you to come back through
Track Name: Ghost Machine
I’m sorry that I left you , but I just had to go
You said I’m always leaving, well I’m just better on my own
I’m was a prisoner for you darling, I was shackled to the floor
These days I can walk through walls, I’m always lookn’ for the door
This town I’m just ghost, I just drift from bar to bar
With you I lost every battle but both lost the war
Its burns me down like the forest, it cuts just like knife
For what its worth, you were always right
Everyone wants to be in your company, they all want to take you home
She says “no one is special, the best you can hope for is to die alone”
Well I don’t believe in you magic, cast your spell on someone else
There’s another woman at my doorstep, she’s ringing my bell
All these books on my coffee table, they don’t give me no relief
Not Vonnegut or Kafka, not The Baron In The Trees
I live in the past when I’m alone , a haunted moonlit beach
With ghosts and watchtowers, and the Mississippi heat
You know I try and travel back in my mind, buts never quite as sweet
The first go around will break your heart, then it’s just a matter of greed
Every man is a mountain, who can what he has seen
I don’t buy flowers anymore, i am the ghost machine
Track Name: Sweet Pulaski Heights
I was the first man that you ever saw when you came down from the
Moon, with your camera and the new tattoos that David Hale
Drew on your side, of a sparrow on the hillside, A Normaltown kind of
Love, on your porch swing with your nose ring, lay the cards out on the
Floor, send me home, I'm alone now, I'm walking Away
I saw blues eyes turn to green and green turn to
blue and then back again, now I'm leaving but I'm dreaming
of you, sweet Athens, sweet Georgia , sweet Pulaski on my mind

I walked the gauntlet to Manhattan and I was famous with the
Kings, I drank howdies, roosters and turtles, and I smoked under the
Stars, around fire pits til sun rose and sent me to
sleep,I was lonely when you came to me with your long golden
Hair and your green eyes, your elixir , I was young once again
I saw blues eyes turn to green and green turn to
blue and then back again, now I'm leaving but I'm dreaming
of you, sweet Athens, sweet Georgia , sweet Pulaski on my mind

I dream of your lake house and your sisters, each one more lovely than the last, your famous sun rise from the balcony on the Italian
Coast, you know nothing about wine but you drink it every
night , with your yellow cat , near the train tracks, they all want to take you home, but not tonight no, tonight your drinking wine with me
I saw blues eyes turn to green and green turn to
blue and then back again, now I'm leaving but I'm dreaming
of you, sweet Athens, sweet Georgia , sweet Pulaski on my mind