The Faustian Bargain

by Wayfarer State

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"Have we traded a better why for a better how?" - Trey Yip

Better Magic Music Co. Production


released July 15, 2011

Music & Words - Trey Yip

Vocals - Trey Yip
Acoustic Guitar - Trey Yip
Harmonica - Trey Yip
Electric Guitar - Robbie Erickson
Organ/Keys - Gabriel Joseph Ulfan
Stratocaster - Gino Brann
Horns - Greg Dolezal

*Voodoo Magic - Pete Neonakis

*Producer - Gabriel Joseph Ulfan & Pete Neonakis



all rights reserved
Track Name: My Best Suit
My Best Suit
words/lyrics – Trey Yip

she woke me up one Saturday
and all she said was, I'm going away
leave me alone, I'm leaving you
I'm moving home, without you
I'm not the same ,as I once was
moving further, away from love
a canyon deep and this divide
this is no place, for me to hide
so ill escape, and take a plane
a thousand miles, and change my name
I finish this, here tonight
and throw away, a shallow life

far away from this cold place
into the arms, of saving grace
where I can go, erase my thoughts
and drink away, a broken heart
a corner table, the darkest bar
to the depths of hell, if I can go that far
I'm out of luck , its been that way
since I read out loud, Hemmingway
all things truly wicked, start like this
they fall apart, from innocence
I lost my nerve and went insane
but I'm still compelled to take the train

I don't want to die, a cowards death
would you even care, if I left
I'm not the same, I couldn't be
I'm waiting here , please wait with me
I wrote a letter , they're my last words
I hung rope, on top the world
I like the rope, around my neck
a cigarette for my last breath
its misery and lonesome blue
this is of course, is my best suit
goodbye world goodbye love
goodbye God and its been rough
Track Name: The Abolition Of Mankind
The Abolition Of Mankind
words/music – Trey Yip

Breathtakingly brilliant a writer of fiction
a book of poems to carry along with him
the human divide the line in the sand
this detached soul the depressed man
string theories, dark matter, the death of the sun
you can love her so much and then shes gone
a history of mankind, all death and filth
genocide suicide greed empires and pills
green pills, blue pills, pink and red
pure white powder to rip through your head
hallucinate and fornicate, pay with gold coins
diet plans , viagra, magazines and porn
pop psychology says “there's nothing to fix”
you don't work the red light, but you still turn tricks
congress men lawyers presidents and priest
covered in sex and covered in greed
you're not righteous, not one bit and neither am I
you're coming up aren't you?, let me see your eyes

the wretched history of mankind but who's to blame
we'll string him up by his neck, just give me a name
is it Hitler? Or Stalin? Or The devil himself?
The Romans? The communists? Or Americas wealth?
The system? The man? Or is it rap music
is it cocaine? Or facebook ? Or Phillip Morris
we've seen it all? Haven't we You and I
and to get what we want but sometimes we have to lie
we've smoked it, we've bought it, we've drank it dry,
if they filmed it I watched it and put my fingers inside
paid for it? Stole it? This the smokers cough
to serve yourself? Or use her just to get off
she says "it good to feel high" , just like anything at all
I need meaning , this cubical is a fucking brick wall
the cell phone, the automobile , the Internets a tool
technology, progress, a human race of fools
kill for it? Gamble. Fight to the death
its all over your hands, I can smell it on your breath

the abolition of man, the lose of the self
but if you try, you can still her the bells
the places you have not been, there's meaning and truth
there's books to read , and there's art too
the gardens to plant, and stories to find
look at your watch, now is the time
if you search long and hard, you'll find it I swear
and if you don't, you'll dying fighting, on your feet like a man
it might be in buried in the ocean or in dark side of town
or ii Oklahoma in the songs of a rodeo clown
or a train in Deli or in your wife's kiss
a cathedral Spain or a place like this
or at someones death bed, the look in there eyes
the warmth of a fading hand, just to be at there side
wel tell them they're loved, tell them their worth
tell them the gospel you've seen and the gospel you heard
the birth of child , the joy and the fear
the coming home of a son, darling hes here
Track Name: One Woman Is Enough
One Woman Is Enough
words/lyrics - Trey Yip

I had a cigarette this morning to knock me off my feet
cigarettes and sweet Louise is all that I need
roll me another one, one woman is enough for me
look at me honey, I may be deaf dumb and blind
I got the dark matter running through my mind
I'm may not be Einstein but I know one woman is enough for me
I could talk to other women I could try to run around
I could lose my soul to the women in this town
they cant move like you, one woman is enough for me

somewhere is this town, a woman will bring a man down to his knees
but this night oh Lord, don't let it be me

its getting late momma, its dark in this place
a crime is brewing, the thief and the jewel case
I need to go home, one woman good enough for me
a got the devil on my shoulder, whisper in my ear
go ahead young man, have shot of whiskey and one more beer
lord I know one woman is enough for me
my woman is fierce she would hunt down
she will cut your throat and leave you dead on the ground
for your sake honey , trust me one woman is enough for me
Track Name: Sundried Golden Hair
Sundried Golden Hair
music /words by Trey Yip

oh my darling I see those red boots coming down the road
I see your scraped up knees and I see your white nose
with your sun dried golden hair
and the moonstone bracelet that you wear
wooooohooo use me tonight

oh my darling I see those red boots coming down the road
I see your scraped up knees and I see your white nose
with your sun dried golden hair
and the moonstone bracelet that you wear
wooooohooo use me tonight

oh my darling wont you sing me those country songs
ill pretend tonight your my wife and this is OUR home
with your sun dried golden hair
and the moonstone bracelet that you wear
wooooohooo use me tonight

oh my darling I see you heading out that door
now you dont look at me, the way you did an hour before
with your sun dried golden hair
and the moonstone bracelet that you wear
wooooohooo use me tonight

oh my darling I know you been around this town
every man knows how you smoke that cigarette
naked in moonlight with your hair down
with your sun dried golden hair
and the moonstone bracelet that you wear
wooooohooo use me tonight

Oh my darling I see your on the road again
yes I got your letter where you told me you
love me more then all the other men
with your sun dried golden hair
and the moonstone bracelet that you wear
wooooohooo use me tonight
Track Name: Night Owl
Night Owl
words/music - Trey Yip

you're a night owl , you're a raccoon baby
your papas a thief, ain't he
look out in the distance, look up at the stars
shake your fist to the heavens, it don't look that far,

you been in the bars, rings round your eyes
tell me a riddle , a word to the wise
gypsy rings, the glitter and skin
black tattoos, one for every place you've been
take the tall ship baby, haunted by spirits
the moon is calling,can you hear it?
come with me, like the wolves we'll run
there's nothing here, there never was
half moon night, with the sun come the day
what is this strange place? it Doesn't matter anyway

vengeance baby, that's my last request
I wanna feel the blade , go inside your chest
I wanna become wrath, I wanna become the night
I wanna become the wolf , I wanna become fire
do you still speak to God? he still does not speak to me
can you be this lost? Out at sea?
well if you speak to God, tell him not to wait
I'm not coming up. Its too late
Track Name: Waiting In Goa For The Train
Waiting in Goa For The Train
words/lyrics – Trey Yip

I have run round the world I have run myself ragged,
I have slept out in the rain
I have loved her deeply and I've loved her madly,
I'm waiting in Goa for the train

We have been smoking hash , our eyes are dry as deserts
my lungs are gray,and with every breath comes a cough
I couldn't call this home, I have none
everything I own is second hand borrowed or stole

the sand is drawn a line, from the devils finger
but what side of the line am I on
most of my thoughts, just memories of regret now
on whiskey and whores I spend what little money I have

and I still sing , sometimes if I'm lonely
if the full moon compels me with evil blue glow
its not easy but you know that don't you,
I traded away my soul a long time ago

I pray oh I pray, who am I really kidding
im just a wretched man, a scoundrel and crook
and its a crime, its a shame , its the truth of it
id be a fool to think she'd ever have me back
Track Name: The Devil's Proposition
The Devil's Proposition
words/music – Trey Yip

We can help you see the world
to dream yourself a beautiful girl
beneath the trees and the sky
the stars and the fireflies

we can help you close the doors
when here your mind is at war
and I and I could take your place
all you have to do is change

we can help you end the war
she cant hurt you any more
and I am not what I appear
but these Ideas are full of fear
Track Name: Roll Me A Cigarette
Roll Me A Cigarette
music/words - Trey Yip

Hey momma look in my eyes and tell me what you see
Do you see all the good things you bring out in me?
Hey momma look at these tattoos on my feet
Drawn there to remind me of all the things I desperately need
I was a fool before but I could be better I swear its true
If they don't catch up with me, know they won''t catch up with you

Darling don't be so sad
you are the best thing I have
won't you stay up with me all night
and roll me a cigarette
we'll sleep when we're dead
yeah we'll sleep when we're dead

There's lightning tonight out on this foreign coast
where have all the poets gone? the poets have all moved on
I could still swim across the wicked sea to prove my love
A man could not be a man unless he's had his face in the mud
well come on with me pack a bag, lets leave tonight
I wasn't born like this but I could sure force a fight

The road is full of danger and a man may have no friends
well follow the Australians from Barcelona to San Sebastian
And Jesus is waiting for you, he looks out over the island rock and the bay
that was when Benjamin had a beard, Benjamin could show you the way
Track Name: Wasted Life
Wasted Life
words & music by Trey Yip

Well the morning train is ticket out of this place
Steam & steel & rolling thunder, mother mary full of grace
The train tracks don’t bring me closer today
Wont you come down here lord and take me away

This cant be the way that the story goes
You know It turns out different in my mind, in the story i wrote
Then it must be courage, is one thing I lack 
so then ill leave this place a coward and i'll never come back

Theyll never find me on memorial road
Ill hide out in the red light, with the sinners, the topless shows
Im not righteous momma, ive always been vain
I still belong to anne marie, like a ball and chain

I couldn’t show my face, not here in this town
Elan says theres price n my head, they got blood hounds
I lost all my nerve, my hands shake, its a crime
the first night that i saw you, baby, was the night i went blind

Your father could forgive me , I know that he could
Its cold dark evening amsterdam, it’s a haunted wood
And you cant tell me with confidence, what is right and whats wrong 
my concience keeps me up , all night long

I am the wreck of ship, I am a broken down train
its a cold night, a rough life , to caught in the rain 
I got nowhere to go, darling you know I cant sleep
This picture of you on the steps, is the only thing im gonna keep
Track Name: Keep Me Safe On The Road
Keep Me Safe On The Road
words/music by Trey Yip

help me run like a river
keep me safe on the road
courage for to face my demons
that i may recover my soul

comfort me in my sadness
help me mourn and weep
make me humble and honest
give me only what i need

when im thirsty give me water
my compass heart to lead
give me truth and goodness
show me every man can bleed

give me books of stories
and teach me how to read
stay up with me till the morning
lead me away from greed

give me courage to stand
give me peace that i may sleep
im made of so much pride
cut me down to my knees

give me patience that i may love
give me suffering that i may be wise
sail me across the great ocean
make me the one they despise

help me run like a river
keep me safe on the road
courage for to face my demons
that i may recover my soul