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    releases June 1, 2014

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Automatic Music Machine
Where are we going now?
Argentina Dark!
The Hobo Hitchhikers Last Stand
My Kingdom In The Mountains
The City Of Forgotten Sacred Things


releases June 1, 2014



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Track Name: To Be Found
To Be Found

I'll wait for you right here
It's where I saw you last
And curse the wretched moon
Beat my fist to my chest
And I won't ever sleep
My angels hold me up
Whisper in my ear
And tell me of my home
And keep my soul tonight
I'm out here on my own
And if she sees the stars
She can not be alone
And God behind the clouds
To guide your every step
And darkness fills the room
That I may see the light
Bend and broken heart
The world is not my friend
Sing these broken songs
For sorrow and despair
And hold inside my hand
A lock of golden hair
And come these thunder storms
The rising of the tide
Behold the winds of change
To stand alone and fight
I'll make a stand right here
And hold the hallowed ground
And you who once were lost
Can here tonight be found
Track Name: Reinvention
I fled the country in early may
I left my heart with Adelay
I traveled the sea through storm and plague
Loneliness and prescription meds
The nights are long, its chills my bones
Tonight I am completely alone
Except the stars, except for the moon
With my entire world inside this room

This present company, Solomon the wise
For whom the bell tolls and slaughter house 5
Stacks and stacks of books, close to the chest
Chesterton was right, as he said it best
He said four is twice two, but two is a thousand time one
You won’t understand it, until you lose the one love
I think about the way, things could have gone down
But I will live in the present, here in this town
I will curse the storm and make my own luck
You can Tell Bernstein and Matthews that I stole Julia’s truck
Just to see the deserts stars in night sky,
The rumble of the beat up engine pushing 65

I don’t plan for the worst, I haven’t the time
We have pressing matters that involve family mart wine
I keep the company of novelist, painters and drunks
Armature philosophers and the Asian punks
Horn players, organist, the Persians and the Jew
Protestants, Catholics, the Rad city crew
It makes sense sometimes, just after dusk
Just after the rain, just for people like us
Sell all that you have, everything that you own
You can’t take it with you to heaven, or out here on the road
Gypsies, tall ships, this is the carnival life
Rooftops, Neon colors and wild nights
The wildest people you’ve ever seen
The brightest colors, the clearest and most vivid dreams

It’s a renaissance a revolution, from everything you know
The most dangerous places, that’s where we’ll go,
Out here it’s a mystery, and it’s the monsoon rain
The only way to travel, is the slow train
Come brother come sister, come friend and foe
Come to the water, weary and broken down souls
All traitors here, Hippocrates and thieves
Killers and Wanderers, swaying from the trees
The land of the golden sun, this breaking of dawn
The freedom from everything you’ve come from
The reinvention, of heart mind and soul
Any day now, I’ll be called home
Track Name: Storm's Coming
The storm is coming here tonight
Dividing brother from brother , husband from wife
Thunder rings and rattles your walls
The empire has already begun to fall

Crumble dust smoke and ash
Your downfall my friend , is that you live in the past
I wrote you off the moment I saw you
A lover of ghost , destined for sorrow

If its despair you seek, so shall you find
This body will fail you and so will your mind
Wait for your lover at the waterfront
Write to the governor and tellm what you want

Another mans woman, you seen too much
The forbidden lover cast her spell in the church
Its ends badly for you brother, trust me I know
Leave while you can, storm is coming for your soul.

Wretched depraved desolate and lost
The first sign is the smokers cough
She’ll eat you alive, tear your flesh from the bone
The shadows and hotel rooms are not your home

I wait and wonder , star up at the stars
My brother in arms has gone to far
Once you reach the city there’s no turning back
Destined for ruin at the horse track
Track Name: Black Magic Movin' On
I don’t sleep well at night, I toss and I turn
My hands tremble from the black magic I have learned
I left her for dead on the road to India
The crowd were violent it was mass hysteria
If you overthrew a king, if sold your soul
Come with me, through the night past the mountain of gold
The streets are paved, the sky is cracked, and the moon is alive
If we make through night, cross the range, there’s redemption on the other side

She’s a bird, she witch; she’s a howling wandering soul
She’s perfect, from head to toe
If she made it out, impossible, then she’s coming for me
I’ll hide here in forest beneath the cover of the trees
The trees know the truth; they’ve been here for thousands of years
If she sang out to you in the night, the wiser man would cut off his ears
She moves with mist, her breath is sweet as the vine
For one brief moment she was completely mine
And I was he’s and we were a storm
The thunder shook the ground and the sky was torn

A man from the west who came from the city in the north
With his pen and his book and the promise of his word
Wrote down the story, with elegant poetry and pros
Each line better than the line before
He left the country empty, broken and alone
He died in the dry desert searching for his home

And the painter from Rome with a renaissance brush
With His religion, his virgin his red velvet church
He painted for months and months and months and pulled out his hair
He put all of himself in the painting, and he’s still there
The painting hangs on the wall of a tavern not a hundred miles from here
Staring down on lonesome drunks who drown their sorrow in whiskey and beer
Tell us the story paint us the picture and listen closely to the songs
If you’re not at home, then I think its best that you’re moving on